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Generation Bold Radio

Apr 6, 2022

Hear Founder of the International Counsel on Active Aging, Colin Milner, discuss the current state of how we age.
Colin is a thought leader in active aging and the organizer of one of the leading conferences in the field. Visit www.ICAA.CC for details.
Colin opines on:
  • How we must get motivated to change our behaviors to those that prolong our healthy longevity. Studies show what simple steps can add 14 years to your life when you begin to take them at age 50.
  • The 5 COST-FREE essentials of active aging we can start at any age
  • The 6 goals we can reach to live well, now
  • How Ageism, behavioral habits, and the growing realization that our population is already aging impacts professionals and individuals in redefining aging
Do not miss this international powerhouse of aging information. It is a rare opportunity to hear Colin unplugged. His conversation can stimulate my listeners, including professionals in aging, to use Colin’s discussion as a springboard for a conversation on active aging among friends and communities.