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Generation Bold Radio

Jun 28, 2022

Dr. Susan W. Golden is an expert on innovation and the unique entrepreneurial opportunities that longer lives, and the growing $22 trillion longevity economy present. She stands for a change in the way products and services are provided to us as we age and innovation in new businesses that could change our lives...

Jun 13, 2022

Have you been thinking of going on a wellness retreat? How will you choose? They can be expensive; how can you get the most for less? Will the retreat really change your health, stress level and habits once you are home?

Make your retreat experience more than a vacation. Make it an adventure.

Join me as I interview

Jun 2, 2022


  • How pet ownership has been shown to drastically reduce loneliness and related health complications among older adults. 
  • How you can help the many older adults who face financial and physical barriers that prevent them from keeping and caring for a pet through the Hubbard Foundation’s Senior Paw...